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Innate Health Research is changing the way the world thinks about mental health through high quality research, founded in 2022 to build on the work of Three Principles Research & Consulting.

Amidst the backdrop of a global mental health crisis, there is a primary focus on mental health challenges and reducing suffering from negative patterns and symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

However, this focus is an incomplete picture of our power for health and wellbeing.

Innovative programs that connect individuals to their innate health—capacity for creativity, wisdom, and clarity—are showing promising results. These programs, many of which are small and exist at the grassroots level, are enhancing resilience and decreasing mental health challenges. By focusing on the unbroken potential for well-being that exists in each of us, they offer a perspective on mental health that has traditionally been invisible.

Innate health programs are successfully employed in schools, businesses, prisons, addiction counseling, and for the home insecure. While specific programs differ, they feature the same core elements of innate health realization—emphasizing a person’s capacity for healing. We are building the evidence to empower the systems that can bring these interventions to scale.

We are part of a global movement focusing on individual wellbeing as a lever in community, organizational and societal transformation

We are positioning innate health as a mechanism, that is universally relevant for psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing

We see value in holding innate health up to scientific examination and finding points of resonance within an interdisciplinary audience

We see value in research partnerships which offer immediate benefit to the  organizations we serve and give voice to lived experience

We see value in building research across diverse demographics, and prioritizing projects that bring innate health to marginalized populations

Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of senior scientists and business leaders with backgrounds in education, psychology, sociology, measurement and statistics, organizational psychology and counseling. We bring years of experience working with mental health innovators, academic institutions, and business leaders for social impact and change.


Anita is a psychologist and educator fascinated with the ways we learn, change, and grow. She is IHR’s very own grandmaster – a strategic powerhouse with an uncanny ability to see the big picture and understand every angle, identify opportunities and potential, and navigate obstacles. And, as an influential leader, she has an aptitude for working across diverse sets of partners and leading decision-making processes to bring impactful projects to fruition.

With 20 years as an academic leader in education, Anita has brought her voracious appetite for exploration and evidence to mental health programming. Having seen firsthand the transformative power of innate health realization, she wants all people – across all sectors of society – to have the same opportunity for innate health realization that she did. She is driven by the need for a strong, interdisciplinary, and irrefutable evidence-base around innate health as a foundational step in achieving that universal access.

Anita is responsible for strategic planning, financial planning and sustainability, organizational compliance, and overseeing IHR’s research agenda. She is also working to build a strong network of partners, fueled by private and public funding, and an engaged advocacy base to share what we are learning about innate health realization.

Anita’s free time is spent as a cheerleader and champion for those she cares about. She stays busy as a board member for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia, an advocate for local philanthropy, a fighter on her USTA tennis team, and as a proud mom on the sidelines of her three children.

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Anita’s early career as a speech-language pathologist was spent drawing out the academic potential of children with severe communication and reading difficulties. After receiving her doctorate in Education Psychology in 2009, she worked as an applied researcher and education expert, supporting the creation and adoption of educational innovations across thousands of schools and hundreds of communities nationally to improve the way children were taught and supported. She has received numerous awards in recognition of her contributions to education and policy and her excellence in public service, and has published dozens of articles and book chapters on learning development and inequity in education.

Anita’s most recent role as an Associate Research Professor and Director of state education partnerships at the University of Virginia (2017-2021) crystalized for her how data and research can spark large-scale, systems-level transformation. Anita is now pairing this vision for impactful research with her personal interest in innate health realization, culminating in the launch of Innate Health Research.


Jeanne is a researcher, facilitator, and practitioner, but she’s also IHR’s muse and visionary leader. Magnetic and charismatic, Jeanne’s passion is nothing less than infectious. And, with a remarkable aptitude for translating complex knowledge into digestible and compelling information, she has a true gift for captivating and inspiring audiences.

Based on her personal and professional experience, Jeanne is driven by the transformative potential of innate health realization and a passion for empowering women and people who have been disenfranchised to take back their voice and take action. She is steadfast in her commitment to using science to improve the way mental health programs are designed and accessed so that even the most marginalized groups are supported in leveraging their own capacity for wellbeing.

As IHR’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeanne is responsible for project design and implementation, research dissemination, outreach and education, and practitioner collaboration.

Jeanne uses her free time to empower women through self-knowledge using her skills as a mentor, mediator, and teacher. You will often find her on the dance floor guiding all kinds of bodies through movement, music, and magic!

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Beginning with the early days of her career as the founder of a movement cooperative, Jeanne’s training in dance, massage, midwifery, Laban movement analysis, yoga, The Nia Technique® and mediation have always been geared toward empowering each person’s unique voice. When a personal experience with the Three Principles (3P) in 2011 ignited a passion for making effective mental health programs and service delivery more accessible, Jeanne dedicated herself to helping others improve their mental health, going on to become a Certified Advanced Transformative Coach, start a 3P practice, teach a 3P school, organize a 3P conference, and serve as host of The Neuroscience of Awareness podcast for four years. Most recently, she launched Three Principles Research & Consulting (3PRC), which established the need and interest for participatory research in the field of wellness and innate health.

Jeanne has combined her professional endeavors with her doctoral studies, using micro-phenomenology to explore how men living in prison experienced insight (after attending an Insight-to-Well-being program) as part of her doctorate in Psychology.  

She is excited about the next chapter she is starting with the launch of IHR, and about working with the incredible IHR team to change the world of mental health.



Nici is a researcher, practitioner, and wellbeing specialist but she is also, quite simply, IHR’s magic maker. Her profound capability and versatility mean she can do just about anything, and with an ability to see potential and problem-solve at every level, she does. Intuitive and strategic, Nici is skilled at identifying needs, perceiving synergies, and building ideas and teams, skillfully and seamlessly advancing programs and operations.

Nici is passionate about social impact and about building research and thought leadership that can transform people, cultures and systems. She is driven by the boundless manifestations of wellbeing inherent in behaviour change and the endless potential of mental agility for transforming lives. Nici’s own experience with innate health has been the cornerstone of both her personal and professional life, and she is committed to building the research that will facilitate its adoption by influential actors and propel its social impact on the world.

Nici is responsible for management and operational support across projects and teams, as well as for leading IHR’s communications. 

In her free time Nici does pro bono creativity coaching with young music entrepreneurs and runs a global network of female leaders and mothers passionate about rekindling curiosity, creativity and collaboration. She is also an advocate for active travel – whether that’s walking and cycling around London with her daughters or participating in multi stage endurance walking or cycling events.

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Nici comes to IHR with years of experience identifying upstream solutions and designing, implementing, and evaluating programs to bring them to fruition. Most recently, she spent a decade helping business leaders and their teams get greater resilience, confidence, mental health and agility through wellbeing, always drawing on cutting-edge research. Having worked with a notable and extensive list of clients/partners that include Accenture, Google, and Goldman Sachs, she coached thousands of individuals to change mental and behavioral habits. This role is the latest in a line in which Nici has been instrumental in advancing the next frontier to meet emerging needs – from advocating for the economic impact of the creative industries in the UK and the developing world to pioneering a new personalised approach to individual and organisational wellbeing in global organisations. And, she has accomplished all of this by building partnerships, research and programs engaging practical ways to implement, evaluate and evolve innovative solutions.

Nici is thrilled to continue working in the wellbeing space and forging new solutions with IHR to change the way the world thinks about mental health.


Adriaan is a senior quantitative research specialist and statistician or in other words, IHR’s very own private eye. With a gift for identifying the research question at the heart of every problem and the skill to design the perfect research project to investigate it, Adriaan has a talent for the data collection and analysis that drives the research at the core of our work.  

Adriaan is driven by his passion for data and the stories it tells. And, with four years of experience helping research innate health, he brings the understanding necessary to unpack the nuanced questions that underpin it.

Adriaan is responsible for managing data from research partnerships, leading technical assistance contracts related to evaluations, and communicating and interpreting results to the research team.

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Adriaan has been a researcher and social scientist for three decades. He has worked with several universities as both a Senior Researcher and as an Associate Professor of Social Psychology and Criminology. He has most recently spent the last four years working alongside Jeanne and Anita at 3PRC, where he helped develop the questions that measure an individual’s understanding of innate health. 





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