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Innate Health Research builds evidence-based, peer-reviewed research to increase awareness and access to innate health programming.

Unlocking Insights: The Eureka Moment of a Man Living in Prison

Innate Health Research presented an academic poster at the 2023 Mind & Life Institute. Knowledge about our internal capacity for well-being is central to positive mental health markers. Insight-oriented transformation is a potential pathway for strengthening our reliance on internal capacity. However, a dearth of empirical research on insight learning exists. In part, this is because of a lack of methodology for examining insight processes. This conference poster outlines the Micro-phenomenology Method as a possible solution.

Change from Within: Evidence of Innate Health

Innate Health Research showcased evidence of the transformative power of focusing on innate health at the annual British Society of Criminology Conference. Through collaborative efforts across three populations—men in prison, individuals facing home insecurity, and those in substance use rehabilitation—we discovered significant shifts in identity, improved relationships, healthier choices, and increased peace and resilience. These outcomes, along with higher levels of innate health and prosocial behavior, open up new possibilities for positive change. We extend heartfelt gratitude to all authors, participants, and attendees who contributed to this important research, and we eagerly anticipate further collaborations in exploring the immense potential within every individual.

Collaborate with Innate Health Research

We work closely with practitioners, academics and funders to provide research-backed evidence for innate health. If you’d like to work with us on a project, please get in touch