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Our funding partners are passionate about bringing science and practice together to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Innate health changed my life and, thanks to a growing body of research, we can see it’s doing the same for diverse populations from school children, to people facing home insecurity, prison or addiction, to business leaders.

We are gathering momentum in our efforts to build this evidence base, expanding access to innate health programming and helping the world. To maintain this pace and tip the balance, we need your help – whether it’s a one off donation or sponsoring a research project.

If, like me, you want to see a world – in our lifetime – where people fulfill their potential, live with more ease and get along, please contact our CEO Anita McGinty to talk about investing in Innate Health Research.

Ron McVety

Board Member & Impact Investor, Innate Health Research

How to get involved...

Grassroots research

Invest in finding and evaluating grassroots innovators. Help engage, educate, and support - enabling programs to show evidence of promise and attract more funding through research.


Invest in deeper research. Take it to the next level by supporting intensive research projects - such as deep diving into a specific population, a comparative analysis, or a longitudinal project.

Thought leadership

Invest in communicating innate health research. Help disseminate findings by sponsoring books, articles, talks, and podcasts within influential networks, platforms and conferences.

Conducting a small case study on the connection between pain relief and 3P was an amazing opportunity. I now know how to present medical information in a way that fits with this understanding of the mind and how to gauge the pace of the discussion based on the clients’ interest, needs, and feedback. Following my intuition, I was able to try out new ways to articulate my ideas which helped me formulate an inspiring new program. The guidance, support, and encouragement I received from 3PRC allowed me to feel confident and build credibility in the eyes of my clients and colleagues.

Chana Studley3 Principles Practitioner

Research has certainly given us more credibility and opened more doors to help grow our vision: to create a community platform to help those suffering from home insecurity in Watford, England. I would strongly recommend the Innate Health Research team if you are looking to make a difference in your community, regardless of which population you are working with.

Caroline Powell3 Principles Practitioner

The Insight Alliance got the opportunity to carry out 3P research in the women's and men's prisons in Oregon. Innate Health Research has been instrumental in helping us figure out the nuts and bolts. They have provided a sounding board and expertise where I lacked it. They have been generous in their financial support. Without that this valuable research wouldn't have taken place. We are grateful for their support.

Anna Debenham3 Principles Practitioner

Collaborate with Innate Health Research

We work closely with practitioners, academics and funders to provide research-backed evidence for innate health. If you’d like to work with us on a project, please get in touch