Effective: February 23, 2023

What Cookies are

Cookies are small pieces of data – usually text files – placed on your computer, tablet, phone or similar device when you use that device to access our website. You can think of cookies like notes. Every time you visit a site, that site puts a note on you so they can keep track of how many times you’ve visited, how long you’ve spent there, and what you’ve done.

Typically, a cookie holds: the name of the website that it has come from; how long the cookie will stay on your computer or phone; and a value (usually a randomly generated unique number). The length of time stored depends on the cookie, but this is generally between a few minutes and up to two years.

Why we use Cookies

Cookies help us improve our website. We use cookies to:

  • Improve your experience: We use cookies for a variety of reasons to improve your online experience. For example: making logins faster by remembering your details, helping a page to load quickly, or making sure our pages are optimised for your browser or device (by giving us technical information about the device or browser you are using).
  • Ensure safety and security: Some cookies which we use help make sure your information is secure when you use our services.
  • Improve our service: We use cookies to decide how frequently to show you announcements. We also use cookies to measure and analyse how visitors use the site. This helps us develop it and make it easier to use.

How we use Cookies

We use third party cookies on our website to help us understand how people use our website.

How Cookies affect your privacy

You can visit our website without using cookies. However, we may ask you for personal information so you can register for updates. Full details of how we collect information, how we use it, how we keep it and how we disclose it can be found in our Privacy Policy.

How to manage your Cookie preferences

You can turn cookies off if you like. Exactly how to do this depends on your browser or phone settings. Please see https://www.aboutcookies.org/ for independent advice on deleting and controlling cookies.

Collaborate with Innate Health Research

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