Change from Within: Evidence of Innate Health

Jeanne Catherine

Jeanne Catherine

July 21, 2023

Jeanne is the co-founder, COO, and lead scientist of Innate Health Research

From that moment, I've felt so alive. I realised I could be anything I wanted to be. After 30 years of a life of crime, I'm now a Director with Beyond Recovery and a Director with three other organizations. Derrick Mason

Innate Health Research showcased evidence of the transformative power of focusing on innate health at the annual British Society of Criminology Conference. Through collaborative efforts across three populations—men in prison, individuals facing home insecurity, and those in substance use rehabilitation—we discovered significant shifts in identity, improved relationships, healthier choices, and increased peace and resilience. These outcomes, along with higher levels of innate health and prosocial behavior, open up new possibilities for positive change. We extend heartfelt gratitude to all authors, participants, and attendees who contributed to this important research, and we eagerly anticipate further collaborations in exploring the immense potential within every individual.

To watch the whole presentation, click here.

Even looking at the research, it hits me so hard. Everything that was said up there, I've lived and been through it. To know it's being replicated on such a big scale and you're capturing it in data so that people can see it and see that it [innate health] is a solid thing, it's beautiful.Derrick Mason
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