Building Evidence. Changing Lives.

Bring evidence and scale to the grassroots innovations solving the global mental health crisis

Our participatory action research model engages diverse partners in disruptive research projects, building collective evidence from multiple practitioners, across multiple interventions, serving multiple populations.

We bring social scientists and psychologists from universities together with grassroots innate health practitioners with lived experience.

  • Our practitioner partners feel served by the research data in real time, allowing them to build advocacy, scale programs and serve stakeholders, including marginalised populations. 
  • Our academic partners discover an often overlooked mediating factor that allows them to view and understand problematic situations through a new paradigm and change them for the better
  • Our funding partners are passionate about bringing science and practice together to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

We are building an evidence base for the idea that innate health is the mediating factor for a range of outcomes – a mechanism universally relevant for psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing, To hold innate health up to scientific examination and find points of resonance within an interdisciplinary scientific audience, we have designed and tested a reliable and valid scale to measure changes related to innate health programming.

We disseminate research through publication and social media outreach because knowledge sharing is as important as knowledge creation. The process for new evidence to reach the collective awareness can be slow – we accelerate it so that key stakeholders can benefit now. 

We advance equitable access to innate health programs, working with practitioners who help youth, business leaders, people in prison or suffering from home insecurity and/or with addiction, fostering resilient and healthy individuals, families, and communities.





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