Three Principles, expertise and well-being: introducing the 3PHR scale

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Jeanne Catherine
Adriaan Denkers

Jeanne Catherine & Adriaan Denkers, PhD

February 1, 2023

Jeanne is the co-founder, COO, and lead scientist of Innate Health ResearchAdriaan is the senior research scientist and advisor at Innate Health Research.

The popularity of Three Principles of Health Realization (3PHR) interventions among mental health professionals is increasing. We developed a scale to measure the core theoretical beliefs that underlie 3PHR interventions: Thought, Consciousness, and Mind. To test the scale, we surveyed 282 participants enrolled in an annual 3PHR conference (n = 238). We examined the construct validity using confirmatory factor analyses and investigated its associations with 3PHR expertise on one side and well-being—in particular, purpose in life and affect—on the other. We also examined the mediating effect of the 3PHR scale in explaining the relationship between 3PHR expertise and well-being. The factor analyses confirmed the three-factor structure. Results further demonstrated strong positive interrelations between 3PHR expertise, the 3PHR scale and subscales, and levels of well-being. The relationship between expertise and well-being measures was found to be fully mediated by scores on the 3PHR scale. Both the new measurement tool and the results contribute to furthering the knowledge about potentially important drivers of well-being.

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