The YES Project

The YES Project
Jeanne Catherine
Nici Butchart

Jeanne Catherine & Nici Butchart

February 21, 2023

Jeanne is the co-founder, COO, and lead scientist of Innate Health ResearchNici is Managing Director of Innate Health Research as well as a researcher, practitioner, and wellbeing specialist.

We kept getting this question from people who work with a variety of populations: “Do you have a set of questions we can ask our clients to show the impact we are having?” Despite the potential complexities of research, we wanted to say YES! We wanted to create something so nimble and agile that therapists, teachers, facilitators, and practitioners could access it immediately, to measure and show their impact.

The YES project was designed in response to this on-the-ground need. These providers reported meaningful impact among their (often high-risk) populations and asked us to study the outcomes to determine how accurate their experience was and to help them improve their programming.

These partners became a key part of our measurement strategy. While the Yes Project remains in the feasibility stages, we are dedicated to building an evidence base to determine the power of innate health as a lever for change (mental health, social impact….). Such early investigations with committed partners can provide structure and support for future Peer-reviewed research. The goal of the YES project is to build the evidence base for innate health in a different, faster, more inclusive way, alongside peer-reviewed research.

If you are working in the field of innate health and want to know more about the impact you are having, ask about our Yes Project!

Project Team

This project required a willingness by our partners to test and give feedback on the surveys and the process for their clients. For this reason, we assembled a diverse group with different clients. So far, these populations included teachers in training, healthcare workers, and community and business groups. We are grateful to our practitioner volunteers who have helped us develop and continue to advise us. Special Thank You to Jacqueline Hollows, David Robinson, Emma Wilkins, Derrick Mason, Dr. Aaron Turner, Caroline Powell, Debbie Harbinson, Antony Tinker, Liz Babb, Andrea Morrison, and Dave Hill.

Our Process

To meet this need, Innate Health Research is building ready-to-go ‘pre and post’ research surveys that are easy to roll out to one client or 1,000 clients. By listening to practitioners, leaders, and funders talk about the challenges innate health clients face and the impact of an intervention, we created a research model that assesses changes in mental health, resilience, and well-being. The model also shows the degree to which innate health is causing the changes, compared to other mediating factors. If people, organizations, and funders understand innate health, they understand that their capacity for well-being confidence, clarity, creativity, and leadership exists within them, which aids self-efficacy.

Our Impact

We hope to grow the number of programs we measure so more and more practitioners can show their impact and efficacy. By using a largely standardized survey with simple yet meaningful reporting, we can connect data sets across multiple programs and show the bigger story of innate health. This real-world evidence approach to impact analysis complements our in-depth peer-review approach. Together, they help to accelerate the adoption of new, simple solutions to mental health. Read More About Our Measurement Project.

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Collaborate with Innate Health Research

We work closely with practitioners, academics and funders to provide research-backed evidence for innate health. If you’d like to work with us on a project, please get in touch