Since the opening of Three Principles Research & Consulting in August 2018, Adriaan Denkers and Jeanne Catherine have worked closely with practitioners who run groups and needed research to evidence their programs. Each time, Adriaan and Jeanne recreated the survey to meet the needs of the new population under investigation.

In the first few years, most survey projects were done with a friendly, curious practitioner who gave feedback and ideas about how their program worked and what questions might capture mental health changes.

Later, all that work transferred to Innate Health Research and I joined as Managing Director, and I asked, "Why don't we have a standard survey we can easily share with practitioners?"

Before I joined Innate Health Research full-time, I worked with an exciting Automated Intelligence (AI) business whose mission was to plug the mental health evidence gap. I was in awe at their innovative approaches to data—leveraging Real World Evidence from global databases, using the power of AI.

Whilst their approach to data was at the forefront of research and technology, it shocked me to discover that their services and approaches were based on old, outdated content already disproven through research.

I wanted to create a Real World Evidence database - one rooted in standardized surveys incorporating the Innate Health Research scale.

Our YES Project is the beginning of that Real World Evidence database.

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Nici Butchart

Nici Butchart

March 7, 2023

Nici is Managing Director of Innate Health Research as well as a researcher, practitioner, and wellbeing specialist.